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Cadbury’s and Cricket

One of the most iconic ads of Cadbury’s.

Is one of my favourites for many reasons, some being:

  • The girl (Shimona Rashi) and her dancing in abandon at the joy of her loved one scoring the winning runs in a tense game and the chap putting his face into his hand while grinning in shyness at her action--- this at a time when women were shown as the coy ones

  • The happy dance also conveying the joy of eating chocolate, something I always feel every time I take a bite!

  • Of course, the subtle storytelling showcases Cadbury’s Dairy Milk as an important element of anyone’s life- providing comfort when tense and being an essential part of celebrations.

  • The words of the jingle: Doesn’t matter if you do not follow the language. The picturization and the way the words are sung anyway convey that Cadburys is a key part of your life’s happiness!

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