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Heer Ranjha: A brand song

MJ, recently, released a brand song for the clothing brand, Heer Ranjha. She has penned the words and sung the brand song, and the musical arrangement has been done by Elroy.

As ever, MJ has written it beautifully and the brand song is essentially like a love couplet- a romantic dialogue (one apiece) between Heer and Ranjha.

To read the original tale of Heer and Ranjha, go here.

The entire song is heart-stoppingly tender and sweet: echoing a love that reminds me of a baklava filled with pistas and drizzled with a concoction of honey, rose water, and lavender.

For me, Elroy's best magic in this song is the whistling placed between Heer's verses and Ranjha's verses- it is groovy, breezy, and lilting. Also, cleverly demarcates Heer's verses from Ranjha's.

The video has also been tastefully taken: set in a backdrop of off-whites and pastels. All the colours in the video come from the flowers, the floral arrangements, and the embroidery on the clothes. The lighting is soft pastel.

MJ's play of words and sense of rhythm shine through this brand song. My favourite lines are Ranjha's verses:

Heer meri tera saaya meri chaav

Ho koi bhi mausam kuch aur mein naa chahu

The play of words with saaya, chaav, and chahu, made me smile the way you do when you unexpectedly catch the quintessence of a work of art. Also, the thought conveyed was super romantic: telling Heer that her shadow is his shade, and he desires that shade, regardless of the seasons.

The song unfolds melodically and made me want more. Perhaps, someday I will get a chance and have the courage to ask MJ if she had penned more verses in this song.

Every time I listen to the song, my mind conjures up imaginary conversations between Heer and Ranjha, and I wish it did not end.

If you have not yet listened to it, go give it a listen!


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