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MJ on Coke Studio Bharat

MJ has sung a song called Maria for Coke Studio Bharat which was released two weeks ago.

She sings the lead vocals with Osho Jain, and they both are accompanied by the Shillong Choir. The song also features Arijit Datta, a popular indie composer, and Bombay Brass, India's first independent brass band.

I love the Shillong Choir as well, so it was a case of two favourites collaborating on a song :).

The song is styled as a Goan one and is about Johnnie and Maria, and Maria's father who asks Maria about how Johnnie had proposed to her. The openings and the use of a multitude of instruments are a joy to listen to. The Shillong Choir sounded great as well.

MJ, of course, rocked it and owned it! Her voice reeks of the mix of delight, teasing, and love one has when asking a loved one about how they were proposed to. Give it a listen- you will definitely groove a bit if not a lot :).

I am rooting and waiting for the day when she also arranges music and sings her own compositions at Coke Studio!


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