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MJ's music and some moments of my life

Updated: Jul 28, 2023


1. This post is not intended to offend.

2. If you are also an MJ fan, I am sure it will make you smile a wee bit :).

3. If you have not heard MJ sing, let me remedy it right now. Here and here you go. You are welcome.


My days have MJ's music interspersed in them. I am also a product marketer. My role involves working at intersections and making connections. Therefore my mind can, sometimes, conjure random connections. I have captured a few here.


A. Context: MJ gets a lot of song requests from her fans. One such fan promised to go to the gym if MJ sang a song she had requested. MJ being MJ, sang. I thought it was a sign for me to restart my training too. I mean now, MJ can't be mollycoddling individuals to take care of their fitness, can she? So, after two years of being loyal just to my chair, I went and trained. I also felt good on the first day I trained. The second day, well, was a different story:

B. Context: When you train, it's also good to eat clean on most days. Simple enough to understand, but is it easy? What happens when your most favourite ever ice-cream flavour decides to show its beautiful face to you right after you start a longish no-sugar diet?

C. Context: Training and icecreams mean an additional cash outflow. So, some extra cash is always welcome.

There had been a few internal policy changes in my organization and my manager was waiting to hear all of them before having my annual performance discussion. Hence, there was a delay and my mind went:


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