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MJ's opinion piece on being an artist

Article link and picture source: Here

MJ starts by saying that a decade ago, her vision of an artist was essentially that of a true artist, one who would serve their art and art alone. A decade, and 10 years worth of living, life, and learning later, MJ straddles the space of being a successful artist by expanding the realms of her artistry to include at least some parts of the world and her audience. I love how she has captured her thoughts on the dichotomy between a "true artist" and a "successful one". She poignantly asks, How does art help one navigate through the practicalities of life? I love how she ended the article with a beautiful thought on how there is room for nuance in art.

When I read this article by MJ, I was reminded of continuous functions and differentiable functions. Every differentiable function has to be continuous, but every continuous function is not differentiable. So the set of differentiable functions is a subset of continuous functions or (just because I want to use the word subsume), continuity subsumes differentiability.

Okay, all am trying to say is, that this article by MJ conjured an analogy in my mind about her thoughts on artists. True artists are like continuous functions. They also have the fundamentals (an understanding of the art) needed to become successful artists if they try to. The converse is not true!

I will stop my ramble and let you read MJ's thought-provoking article! Here is the link if you missed it at the start.

Happy reading!

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