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The day I met a homie in Bengaluru

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Title inspiration: N :)

I had to travel to Bengaluru for work. I got a cab to take me to the office and shared a smile with my friend about the name of the cab driver who picked me up- over the fact that the cab driver shared the name of my friend's dad (Mr.M) who loves some of the songs I love too. It was a day of more serendipity :).

As is my wont, I started striking up a conversation with Mr.M and we started discussing music. Five minutes into our conversation, we were discussing our favourite Coke Studio songs. It took just one more minute for both of us to realize that we both were fans of MJ :D. Needless to say that the next 60/70/80 minutes (in my defense, time flew and I did not keep count) of the cab drive through the crowded Bengaluru roads were a breeze! We played MJ's entire YT playlist.

I recorded a clip and shared it with N, who promptly made a post and posted a story on Insta- the advantages of having a fan club founder who takes her role super seriously. For added measure, she tagged MJ, who reshared the story. For someone who has not yet posted on Insta, I have some of my fangirling stuff posted on my behalf- thanks to N and MJ!

When I told N the full story, she exclaimed, You met a homie!

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Aug 13, 2023

All the love J!

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