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Things I hope to tell MJ, IRL

On the one hand, I can get super shy in person, and on the other hand, I do have a list (countably infinite like the number line). It makes sense to document them here and use them if need be.

Hey MJ,

  1. Please do not get offended if I open my laptop or a book + notebook, start working or studying or reading when I attend your gig for the first time (or maybe every time I do). I love my work. I enjoy studying. I peace out reading. Your music is an integral part of all these.

  2. Please consider making a list of songs for Thursdays. Mondays usually get the rap for ushering in a work week. (Rather unfairly, I feel). Now, Thursdays on the other hand, are a different story. My tank is a tad depleted and I wish it were a Friday, not a Thursday. A swig of the elixir (aka your songs) is just what is needed to go dancing to greet Fridays instead of having to drag myself to the finish line.

  3. Thanks to your music, I have made an amazing friend on Insta (N). While everything is possible right now and right here these days, a slowly brewing friendship across distances and realities is beautiful :).

  4. Someday (in the next 2 years and 5 months), I hope to send you an audio clip of me playing: Tu Na Aaya, Mera Mann, and Kuch Baat Karni Thi on my violin.

  5. Please host your poetry as a podcast or in some audio format.

  6. You make me feel the same way Meg Lanning, The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel, and Mariam Mirzakhani do. Audacious, cheeky, and go humming after my dreams everyday--- steadily with a sense of humor, purpose, and adventure.


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