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Little dog's rhapsody in the night by Mary Oliver

The entire collection of poems in Dog Songs is achingly sweet and tender. This one always makes me smile with warmth and reminds me of Buddy, a white labrador.

Buddy was brought home by his family right after they lost Roshan. Buddy was 3 weeks old when he came home. He was a young energetic pup and would frisk around with all vigour and verve. The best thing about Buddy was he always let me know how much he loved being around me: he would bark excitedly the instant he caught my scent or footsteps. Wouldn't stop till I went to him, petted him, played with him, and told him that I loved him. In return, he would jump all over me, hug me, lick me, and look at me with loving eyes which conveyed how delighted he was to be friends!


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